Record Stores We Dig Part 2

So as we attempt to shake off the aftermath of 2 Bank Holiday weekends in a row, we here at E.A.R HQ thought we would soothe you back down to the love of vinyl by continuing gently with our series “Record Stores We Dig”.

As you may remember, our previous subject was Phonica Records and keeping in line with the same, we are now covering the Manchester Institution that is Piccadilly Records.

Piccadilly Records was born in 1978, taken over by the present management in 1990 and moved up the road to their current location in Manchester’s record shopping Mecca, the Northern Quarter in 1997.

Piccadilly Records prides itself in providing a wide range of musical genres along with friendly & knowledgable advice from it’s staff.  We managed to collar Neil Scott of El Diablos fame, and member of the Piccadilly Crew for 5 years, to give us the inside goss…

“So Neil – What is the best thing about Piccadilly Records?”

The best thing is probably the quality and selection of music on offer which makes us one of the best shops in the world (ask Giles Peterson – we won best record shop in the world a couple of years ago).

“What can a punter expect from a shopping experience in your store?”

Unlike the stereotypical image of the independent record shop where you are met with arrogant unhelpful staff, you will find very friendly informative people who love music and love talking about it. Recommending music to someone is an ace part of the job.

“Is there still room for wax & why?”

There always will be. In the shop we sell more albums on vinyl than ever as I think people have realised that it’s all well and good downloading music from itunes for your ipod but it’s totally shit compressed sound quality does not match vinyl. Plus an album is a really nice thing to attach emotions and memories too.


So there ya go – Piccadilly Records is a valuable part of Manchester’s music scene and is something to be supported. One for the vinyl collectors, this shop serves all your needs.  The sheer range of genres might be baffling for a beginner but don’t let it put you off! It’s friendly, High Fidelity-esque staff are there to help.

Piccadilly Records

53 Oldham St
Manchester M1 1JR

0161 839 8008


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