We are proud to announce that the long-awaited first release on our Red Series ‘Pulling Strings’ is out NOW.

Here we welcome the inimitable Lil’ Mark, one of the true stalwarts of the UK house scene and regular contributor to some of the finest imprints worldwide. Here Mark drops two bombs of different styles, showcasing his unique knack of genre-straddling.

Kicking off with ‘Pulling Strings’, more familiar Lil’ Mark territory, rediscover his trademark tight-as-hell percussion & firing bass sat below a freaked-out twisting riff, like a chainsaw vibe (if you can imagine such a thing!) making its way to split your head in two. Seriously, this bad-boy takes no prisoners. Other than the ones on the dancefloor.

On the second original ‘Memoirs’ we’re treated to a beautifully sumptuous lo-slung roller, utilising a vox refrain over the top of a glorious rolling bass groove. A bit like being comforted by a welcoming acid-bass-hug. This is truly something special.

Nestled inbetween Mark’s original cuts is our very own J.Cub, whose interpretation of ‘Memoirs is something special, even if we do say so ourselves. Taking the vox refrain & weaving it throughout the track like an instrument, J.Cub nudges the tempo up slightly & adds a solid percussive backdrop & a reworked bass groove, creating a cut which is deep enough to warm the crowd but packs a solid punch at the same time.

Buy it HERE


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