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Here at E.A.R we love our vinyl and when Ryan Shaw, E.A.R member and collector of many a 12 inch comes along with a product that improves the sound and dynamics of your precious wax we had to share it with you.

MasterSounds turntable weights are simply placed over the spindle of the turntable to sit on top of the record adding 390g of weight onto the vinyl, the turntable weight improves frequency response, reduces feedback and hum plus reduces needle skip which gives the user more confidence in the mix.

Ryan’s turntable weights were reviewed in the May edition of Mixmag where they were described as “the best gift for a vinyl lover”

Ryan’s aluminium creations are gaining world support from the likes of DJ Harvey, Mr C, Darshan Jesrani, Rahaan and PBR Streetgang.

Each item manufactured is highly limited to 100 “editions” for the world.

Check them out plus new products at the following addresses.
Facebook Master Sounds
twitter @mastersoundsuk


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We are proud to announce that the long-awaited first release on our Red Series ‘Pulling Strings’ is out NOW.

Here we welcome the inimitable Lil’ Mark, one of the true stalwarts of the UK house scene and regular contributor to some of the finest imprints worldwide. Here Mark drops two bombs of different styles, showcasing his unique knack of genre-straddling.

Kicking off with ‘Pulling Strings’, more familiar Lil’ Mark territory, rediscover his trademark tight-as-hell percussion & firing bass sat below a freaked-out twisting riff, like a chainsaw vibe (if you can imagine such a thing!) making its way to split your head in two. Seriously, this bad-boy takes no prisoners. Other than the ones on the dancefloor.

On the second original ‘Memoirs’ we’re treated to a beautifully sumptuous lo-slung roller, utilising a vox refrain over the top of a glorious rolling bass groove. A bit like being comforted by a welcoming acid-bass-hug. This is truly something special.

Nestled inbetween Mark’s original cuts is our very own J.Cub, whose interpretation of ‘Memoirs is something special, even if we do say so ourselves. Taking the vox refrain & weaving it throughout the track like an instrument, J.Cub nudges the tempo up slightly & adds a solid percussive backdrop & a reworked bass groove, creating a cut which is deep enough to warm the crowd but packs a solid punch at the same time.

Buy it HERE

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Forthcoming from J.Cub in 2013

J.Cub E.A.R Logo

Want to hear what J.Cub has planned for release so far in 2013? Well here you go. All mixed beautifully together for your listening pleasure. And it’s only February…

Track List
1. Lil’ Mark – Memoirs – J.Cub’s Deep Dub Remix – E.A.R
2. J.Cub – Feel Good – CUB Records
3. J.Cub – Etymology – Nicholas ‘Unreleased’ Dub Remix – E.A.R
4. J.Cub – Un Solo – Rob Mello’s No Ears Remix – CUB Records
5. J.Cub – Let The Rhythm Bump – White
6. J.Cub – MYB – James Johnston Remix – CUB Records
7. J.Cub – Kala Show – CUB Records
8. J.Cub – Mestizo – CUB Records
9. J.Cub – Lonely Club – Re Release on White
10. J.Cub – MYB – Cub Records

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For the record

This here video is something that we here at E.A.R Towers are keen to share – an expedition undertaken to discover, learn, meet and document the ideas and people behind the controls of vinyl record production.

Recorded over six weeks, travelling through Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the UK – For The Record exposes a number of notions about why vinyl is such an indelible medium and how it continues to remain popular in the the face of opposing format change.

Something that we hold very close to our hearts. A must-see for ANY wax enthusiast.

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J.Cub Joins Albion Agency

Leeds is well known for its remarkable capacity to breed the cream of dance music.  Around every corner, in every bar, club and bedroom you will find an aspiring producer and DJ bursting at the seams with talent and promise.

Our very own J.Cub on the other hand, is a stalwart of the house scene and has recently been snapped up by the brilliant Albion Agency.

An offshoot of vinyl only imprint (an ethos close to the heart of E.A.R) Albion Records, this Leeds based label and agency also believe in simple true house music.  A perfect fit for J.Cub.



This means that now J.Cub is in the very capable hands of Albion DJ Agency he can concentrate on his productions at “Tight Fit Studio”, named so for the tiny size of the space.  But trust us, the sounds that come out are particularly large.

Already this early in 2013, J.Cub has a plump vinyl only pipeline ready to drop on E.A.R including a remix on the next E.A.R release Lil’ Mark’s “Pulling Strings” E.P, and an E.P under the guise of Small Giants, a collaboration with house music legend Joshua IZ. If thats not enough, keep your eyes out for J.Cub’s annual bootleg which of course will only be available on wax.




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E.A.R and Vic Fifty-Three

Vic Fifty-Three is a Leeds-based blog and live broadcast which was born in a Hyde Park basement and is now housed in our favourite vinyl emporium, Waxwerks.

A few weeks ago, the lads at Vic Fifty-Three invited E.A.R’s very own J.Cub & Ryan to host the show live from Waxwerks and here we present to you, the whole set live.  Featuring some exclusive listens to E.A.R’s future releases and some other belters to boot, we can guarantee you won’t want your money back.

Turn it up.  Tracklist below.

Lil’ Mark – Memoirs (J.Cub’s Remix) [Forthcoming on E.A.R]
J.Cub – Fate Circles [Forthcoming on E.A.R]
Justin Harris – Moon (Rob Mello’s Remix) [E.A.R]
Luke Solomon – Say Something (Ashley Beedle’s Remix) [E.A.R]
The Canyons – Apples & Pears
Farley Silvester – Jam Down Beat Down
Unknown – Sorry
Rob Mello – Unkown Title Sorry
Lil’ Mark – Dance With Me [Unreleased]
Lil’ Mark – Pulling Strings [Forthcoming on E.A.R]
J.Cub – Lonely Club
Sonya Blade & The Funky Dogs – House of Love
Boom Boom V’s Zamoran – Lacago

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E.A.R Back Catalogue


So here’s the big news – the Eclectic Avenue Records back catalogue is now available exclusively at Juno Download.

With our first ten releases in the bag and all but disappeared from record store shelves, we decided to release some selected works from our Blue Series digitally via our friends at responding to popular demand for digital versions of our music.  Of course, being the perfectionists that we are, the digital downloads are only available as wavs.

Not only that, E.A.R’s very own J.Cub and Ryan Shaw have released an exclusive mix up of the blue series back catalogue available as a free download via this link

Click here to browse through our stylish offerings and to purchase a treat.

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