Free Ryan Shaw E.D.I.T.S

So as we dust ourselves off from the Easter Weekend here at E.A.R HQ, we have decided to refresh both ourselves, and you, with the offer of a free download from our very own Ryan Shaw.

Although we are a vinyl only imprint, our generosity knows no bounds, so for the first 100 people to subscribe to our blog, we are gonna send you a link to Ryan’s latest slice of funky disco groove – Barbera Roy.  And seriously, it’s an absolute blinder – guaranteed to send you dancing head first into the next long Bank Holiday weekend!  So get subscribing and you can enjoy the first in Ryan’s E.D.I.T.S series….

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Started July 2010
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22 Responses to Free Ryan Shaw E.D.I.T.S

  1. garry todd says:

    send them over ryan, cant wait to here.. still play that tune u send me ages ago…… se ya in a few weeks bro upppahh !!

  2. P Disconaut says:

    Would love a blast of Ryan’s latest goodness (if I’m early enough)… had a listen on Soundcloud and just like “Lovin” it’s top notch… keep up the good work!

  3. Lex Wolf says:

    Stiffy x

  4. Cool, thanks alot! Can’t wait to listen 🙂

  5. Would like to subscribe & get the download pls. Thanks

  6. Adrian says:

    I too would like to subscribe & get the download

  7. martin hayes says:

    hej guys. i’m curious and ready to subscribe to the blog.


  8. audioprophecy says:

    keep them coming…

  9. Jordy Timmaz says:

    Yess!! This is nice! Thanks for sharing this nice piece of music!

  10. Good work again. Subscribe me.

  11. Barry Shaw says:

    Dig this…sign me up and please pass along the DL-thanks!

  12. Saqib Rasul says:

    Yes yo! sign me up too!

  13. mikebee says:

    Done and done. Can’t wait to hear!

  14. Aus Gambles says:

    C’mon Shawsey I’m in!

  15. Joe Morris says:

    Go on then

  16. Gerry Calderhead says:

    Gan on send me da link

  17. fredrik says:

    Would like to subscribe and get hold of this fantastic edit!

  18. damo says:

    would love to get them, too!

    best from rite here

  19. You were my highlight at the Garden!

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