Master Sounds – For the Vinyl Enthusiast


Here at E.A.R we love our vinyl and when Ryan Shaw, E.A.R member and collector of many a 12 inch comes along with a product that improves the sound and dynamics of your precious wax we had to share it with you.

MasterSounds turntable weights are simply placed over the spindle of the turntable to sit on top of the record adding 390g of weight onto the vinyl, the turntable weight improves frequency response, reduces feedback and hum plus reduces needle skip which gives the user more confidence in the mix.

Ryan’s turntable weights were reviewed in the May edition of Mixmag where they were described as “the best gift for a vinyl lover”

Ryan’s aluminium creations are gaining world support from the likes of DJ Harvey, Mr C, Darshan Jesrani, Rahaan and PBR Streetgang.

Each item manufactured is highly limited to 100 “editions” for the world.

Check them out plus new products at the following addresses.
Facebook Master Sounds
twitter @mastersoundsuk



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One Response to Master Sounds – For the Vinyl Enthusiast

  1. Mango says:

    As a collector of 32000 records at my last count. What an amazing piece of kit!!!!!
    Given a brand new sound to my vinyl!!!!!!

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