Eclectic Avenue Records – E.A.R

“Into a marketplace saturated with disposable music releases enters Eclectic Avenue Records – a serious label for serious music.”

E.A.R is the brainchild of Mr Jacob Kelly, previous co-owner of one of the strongest underground house labels of the last 5 years – Baker Street Recordings. Joining forces with Kelly is former Phonica Records guru, Ryan Shaw, well-respected DJ & Producer and long-time Back to Basics & DDD resident. The third and final member of the crew is creative wizard, Leena Sharma.

E.A.R. is a project which is defined by it’s name – an “avenue” for “eclectic” music. E.A.R releases quality music taking inspiration from all genres. The result? A label that has the freedom to produce timeless music that is able to move in any direction.

The label is confident that their music will be a legacy that musos & DJs alike will want to own physically, and be proud to pull out of their wax collections in many years to come. Therefore, every  E.A.R. release is available on vinyl only.  The vinyl only concept is a rare statement in these digital times, and every fan, collector and DJ can be certain that each track has been carefully mastered for maximum listening and DJing quality.

E.A.R is a serious record label for serious music, already boasting acts such as Pete Herbert, Popular Peoples Front, LTJ Xperience,  Rob Mello, Justin Harris, Small Giants (Joshua Iz & Jacob) & the label’s own Ryan Shaw, to name a few.

So watch out for them, world, and welcome to Eclectic Avenue Records.


5 Responses to About

  1. Luis Nieva says:

    Hi,my name is Luis Nieva from Buenos Aires. DJ & producer
    Here’s a new demo for you to check. Let me know if you are interested in releasing it on yours labels.
    Best regards



  2. demo says:

    hi there,

    check out my demo please :



    leonid nevermind


  3. Carl Welch says:

    Like to send you some music. Too eclectic for the regular pigeon hole record labels. What is the best approach for you?

  4. J.Renno says:

    my name j.renno im a photographer
    i was given your buisness card by someone
    are you in need of a photographer at all ?

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