Moose – Grime Writer Extraordinaire

Although most subjects on the E.A.R blog pertain to either food, music or vinyl, we are loathe to be pigeon-holed.  So this particular post is a nod towards someone who we consider to be inspirational and who is also a friend of the label with some serious entertainment value.

Paul “Moose” Curtis was the first to create a new type of art by using an alternative technique to your average graffiti.  Instead of sullying a wall with spray paint or pen, Moose decided to take a more environmental stance by instead cleaning beautiful stencils into the dirt already created by pollution and everyday muck.  Hear the man himself put the ethos into words in his own inimitable style…

This kind of project does not come without problems.  Moose has been accosted on more than a few occasions by the local fuzz who are regularly confused when Moose asks what exactly the crime is.  “Cleaning Dirt”?! Or “refacing” to quote the lad himself.  The authorities are now less negative and Moose has embarked on campaigns for both the Metropolitan Police and both Scottish and English Governments.

Moose has also utilised his street art form for commercial campaigns.  For example, his images were used nationwide for the Big Brother 5 advertisement (the year that Nadia won!) as well as for Ted Baker, the XBox launch and for the launch of the Size? store in Leeds.

If you want to learn more about this creative and unique character and his environmentally friendly version of an age-old street art, have a gander at his website right here…

Moose’s “Symbollix” Website

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