Record Stores We Dig Part 4

It’s been a while since E.A.R have shared our views on our favourite record stores around the globe, so here’s our next subject – Freebase Records in Frankfurt.

Freebase was established in 1994 in Frankfurt’s university district Bockenheim at a time when demand for vinyl was rapidly dwindling.  However, these guys set up the primarily dance music led store for the absolute love, and the shop became a huge success.

But Freebase is so much more than just a vinyl emporium.  They also run the independent record label Below on which artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Reboot & Alex Moments have released.

What Team E.A.R really love about Freebase is their dedication to the cause and the way that they support and respect the artists that they work with.  The guys who run the place are a true family and also DJ themselves, so they are fully entrenched in music.

Now as we all know, music and fashion come hand in hand, and Freebase haven’t missed a trick here.  Within the store is Freebase Sneakers, where you can find a premium collection of Airbag Apparel and DJ Bags alongside Nike sneakers fom Nike Lunaracer, Air Maxim 1+ to alltime classics such like Cortez, Waffle Racer and Tennis Classics in different colourways.  This is the kind of passion that E.A.R seriously appreciates!

Freebase is located in downtown Frankfurt and they also love to share their space with local artists who can present their work in store.  The interactivity between all the people involved in music and art and the fact that one of the leading universities of Art and Desgin- HFG OFFENBACH in Germany is placed just around the corner in Offenbach has made Freebase a truly unique and well rounded experience.

So if you are ever in Frankfurt, pay them a visit or in the meantime, you can just visit the websites & and enjoy what they have to offer.

Peterstr.2/Ecke Bleichstr. | 60313 Frankfurt | 069-13376255/56(fax) | | Open: Mo-Fr: 11-20h, Sa: 11-18h

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