Joshua Iz presents Dubwise

E.A.R are proud to announce the release of BEAR004 Joshua Iz presents Dubwise “Magnetron” & “Sueños”.

We here at E.A.R HQ consider this record to be one of our favourite releases, not only for it’s amazing quality sound on vinyl, but also for the genre transcending vibe that this track displays.  We have had many a debate trying to put a label on what type of music this is.  Is it hip-hop? Funk? Soul? House? Or perhaps a bit of all of the above?  Who cares – it’s one that we are particularly proud of.

First up is Magnetron – a funky yet intelligent masterpiece that could come straight out of an Acid Jazz collection.  But wait!  Those tweaky electronic sounds give this record an edge that brings it right up to date.

Joshua Iz presents Dubwise – Magnetron

Next up – Sueños.  Which for those of you whose Spanish is rusty, it means “dreams”.  And boy, is this dreamy.  Sexy but sublime, this has already had a good old airing on the Pacha terrace and at festivals all over the world.  Have a listen and you will realise why.

Joshua Iz presents Dubwise – Sueños

Both tracks have been remixed my the Italian house master Nick Simoncino, giving them an extremely sophisticated classic feel. The protho mix in particular has the 90’s stamped all over it.  All four of these tunes epitomise the Summer.  Let them define yours!

Joshua Iz presents Dubwise – Magnetron Simoncino Classic Remix

Joshua Iz presents Dubwise – Magnetron Simoncino Protho Remix

For those of you who don’t know, Joshua Iz is a dj, producer, designer and writer living in Chicago. In the 24 years that he has been DJing, he has over 200 production credits to his name.  The man is a machine!  He has a residency at Fabric with his partner Diz amongst others, and also has his own imprint Vizual Records.

joshua Iz Official Website

Nick Simoncino recently did a podcast for E.A.R.  Check it out here if you haven’t already…

Nick Simoncino E.A.R podcast

You can grab your copy of this magnificent piece of wax from your finest vinyl emporium or click on the link here.

Buy Dubwise here

A little bit of trivia about Joshua Iz – he cuts a mighty fine figure on the tennis courts and is always strangely found on a European tour during Wimbledon.  Hmmm…..


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