PBR Streetgang “C.R.A.I.G” – Out now!

Team E.A.R really value all of their talented friends.  However, these friends of ours transcend most talent around at the moment.

PBR Streetgang are definitely flavour of the month.  Having turned heads all over the globe, these Leeds-based boys are certainly heading onwards and upwards.

When it comes to DJ-ing, producing or just hardcore banter, Tom Thorpe & Bonar Bradberry have it all!  And E.A.R HQ are proud to present the long awaited release C.R.A.I.G by PBR Streetgang, which is now available on vinyl only (300 presses – as always).

This deep down groove shows a different side to the usual PBR upbeat style.  We have heard this as a set opener on a million occasions.  Tweaky noises and a dirty bassline set this record apart from the rest of the “painting by numbers” edits around at the moment.  And on top of that, this release also features 2 remixes by the utter genius that is Toby Tobias!  You can have a little listen right here…

PBR Streetgang “C.R.A.I.G”

PBR Streetgang “C.R.A.I.G” – Toby Tobias Dub Mix

PBR Streetgang “C.R.A.I.G” – Toby Tobias Tracky Mix

You can catch PBR Streetgang at the fabulous We Love… at Space Ibiza on Sunday 26 June, where we can guarantee the roof will come off.

Get your hands on this stunning piece of wax as soon as you can, because E.A.R promises you – they won’t be about for long.

Buy it here – Juno


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One Response to PBR Streetgang “C.R.A.I.G” – Out now!

  1. Big L says:

    Lovely stuff, it sounds like a slow stream of water falling of the edge of a planet into the cosmos.

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