Beats & Eats – El Chiringuito Es Cavallet Ibiza

As you all know, here at E.A.R HQ, we are seriously into good music.  Perhaps what you didn’t know, is that we are also seriously into food!  Combine the two & Team E.A.R are incredibly happy puppies.

So to celebrate this fact – welcome to “Beats & Eats”. A series of features on the E.A.R blog that show huge respect to places around the world that perfectly combine great food with an appropriately boss soundtrack.

First in the series is El Chiringuito.  Possibly one of the most beautiful spots in Ibiza to lounge around all day, whilst eating amazing food and listening to that “Oh so inspiring” Balearic soundtrack.

Food comes in the form of Mediterranean dishes – huge pots of paella, almost art-like plates of sea food & salad, or shareable platters of anti-pasti & tapas.  The music however, is provided mainly by Island stalwart Mr Doris – resident of Space, KM5, Rock Bar (to name a few) and of course, El Chiringuito.

Listening to the music that Doris plays whilst one is lunching in the sun, makes you realise the skill that a DJ has for capturing the mood.  Having heard him play in most environments, Team E.A.R completely respects the ambience that he can create to enhance your food experience.  Never taking his eye off the ball, Mr Doris seamlessly transports you to beach heaven, playing tracks that Café Del Mar or the likes can only dream of, whilst refusing to invade your eating territory.  This is probably why El Chiringuito have asked him to compile their 2011 CD.

But don’t just take our word for granted – go check it out for yourself!  E.A.R promises you will not be disappointed by either the food or the soundtrack…..


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