E.A.R Showcase Party Review

As far as independent record labels are concerned, E.A.R have already managed to
make quite a splash in the world of electronic disco.

Not even one year into their imprint and E.A.R threw a bash last weekend worthy of
any bigger player in this tough old game.

The venue? Musiquarium – a recording and rehearsal studio down a backstreet in
Leeds suburbia.  The crowd? Completely up for it and wanting to dance until the
early light.

The evening was warmed up by E.A.R residents Ryan and J.Cub who tantalised the
steadily growing number of punters with some quality disco grooves.  As the club
filled to it’s maximum, Leeds’ own PBR Streetgang got the crowd into a right old
frenzy with their trademark sounds of upbeat disco and glitzy housey vibes.

Then on came the one and only Rob Mello, who got the entire house bumping with
his electronic house set.  As one of the regular faces around Leeds said “I
haven’t danced like this in AGES!”  And when J.Cub finished off the night by dropping E.A.R’s Shadows (PPF Remix), the roof came off!

The soundsystem at the venue had been tweaked to perfection and the quality of
sound, venue, crowd and music stands testament to what E.A.R are looking to
achieve.  As far as one-off events are concerned, this is definitely one for
Leeds to remember.

So look out world – this is E.A.R.

Official video and photos from the night…

Click here to see  Photos by Alex Daniels

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