Jägermeister Wirtshaus Tour 2011

Events that attempt to cram hundreds of rave-crazed teenagers into tiny venue spaces with little to no ventilation and overpriced well drinks to see low quality musicians is cool and all (not really), but the tide is turning. Searching for a more appealing alternative? Then you should check out the Jägermeister Tavern Tour 2011 which promises to be a special event in today’s realm of music+anything-lucrative is hip.

The former vinegar factory with the humorous mascots mixes earthy comfort charm with modern indie and electro acts, and travels with their flying inn (!!) through the nation. The next party is going to take place on February 17th at 22.00 o’clock with the London disco-rock trio We Have Band, Producer Yuksek and the DJ team Trashpop at Jägerklause in Berlin.

The best: You can be there live and not just listen to the acts making music, but also play cards or dart with them, or just start a talk. Additionally there’s the best herbal liqueur and beer and a good time and fun and lots of more stuff.

Great to see bigger companies investing in good music nowadays! Seems as if the collaboration between corporations and artists is making headway, hope to see more of the likes in 2011.

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