Villa – The Final Closing Weekend

Berlin’s hottest (and felonious) party spot, which has boasted 3 bass-pumping dance floors and bars for the past couple of years, is coming to a close after this weekend. Villa went out with a bang though, throwing a three-day non-stop odyssey into electric music and playful debauchery. This highlight of Berlin’s nightlife rounded up dozens of the area’s liveliest DJs, including:

Benno Blome (sender)
Cotumo (pentagonik, burlesque musik)
Gebrüder Teichmann feat. Raumagent (festplatten)
Metope *live* (areal)
Basteroid *live* (areal)
Retro (playplus, wasted unicorns)
Robosonic (berlin kreuzberg institut)
Das Christl (villa, awesome)
Cinthie (keinemusik, villa)
Astma (reclaim the beats)
Fetzo N Small (collectief tabourstrasse)
Shir Khan (exploited)
Oliver $ (made to play)
Lars Moston (top billin)
AmTrack (tracy recordings)
Durch & Durch (drüber rec.)
Tricus & Gold (awesome)
Meggy *live* (still vor talent)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (greco roman, london)
Funkenstrøm *live* (symbiont)
Herr Sauer (tonkind)
Wool (Top Billin, we collect enemies)
Full Nelson (greco roman)
Der E-Kreisel (spoiler)
Mz Sunday Luv *live*
Fresh Meat (berlin mitte institut)
Oliver Raumklang (kulturfreiheit)
Thomsen *live* (nicht berlin)
Hagen Bergmann (2ndskool)
Helge Baumberg (zuckertütentraum)
Sol Tight (taffkass)
Delfonic (oye)
Hoito (dublin)
Agent Starling (poland)
Zsolt-Mischke (berlin)
Jake the Rapper (bar25, combination)
Aaron Hedges (district of corruption, lessizmore)
Beaner (bar25)
Walker Barnard (district of corruption)
Mutlu (bar25)
Sylvie Foret (berlin)
David Dorad (bachstelzen)
Britta Arnold (bar25)

One of the heaviest periods of the weekend was Totally Enormous Dinosaurs’ jungle/Drum n’ Bass set, delving into lightning-speed paced drum loops and melodic synthesizer progressions. His performance took place in Villa’s newly opened basement floor, which was available only this weekend for their closing party.

Check out TEED’s Roundhouse Blackbox Session, where he takes viewers through his newest material as well as unreleased tracks that are sure to catapult anyone into the middle of the dance floor:

Though we are all deeply saddened by the departure of this Berlin party staple, the weekend proved to be massive and all who were in attendance will be sure to remember Villa as one of Germany’s all time great festivities.



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